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Presenting Mobility Experience Austin's first-ever choreographed demonstration including every form of Electric Motorsports, coming together to showcase the potential capabilities of sustainable mobility.



Inspired by the choreography of the Gymkhana Series, and built in collaboration with our motorsports partners, this experience will showcase many forms and use cases of electric mobility capped off with record break attempts by Roborace and a NRX series championship race.

Our society can transform through the power of clean, AI-based mobility technologies. It's time to embrace and share the potential of these new forms of transportation through broad-based media.
Global education starts by granting public access
to these technologies.



What started on the back of a napkin back in 2011 as nothing more than a shared dream between Formula E Founder Alejandro Agag and FIA President Jean Todt, has developed into the fastest growing motorsport series on the planet.

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